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Welcome to the CryoEM facility at Northwestern

The purpose of this facility is to provide the NU community and other institutions/entities primarily in the greater Chicago area , with access to one of the fastest developing, cutting-edge imaging techniques for exploration of the structures of biological macromolecules and soft materials where applicable.  The unique strength of electron microscopy, particularly for biological applications, is its versatility.  In fact, EM is the only structural tool capable of providing structural information from a histological/cellular scale to near atomic Moreover, the range of (cryo)EM applications make it the only structural method that stands a chance to address what rapidly becomes the largest challenge in structural biology: structural genomics of interactions that represent an important pillar of systems biology.


In pursuit of its overall goal the major focus of the facility will be on providing extensive 1:1 training to potential users, and to provide support ranging from specimen development, specimen preparation, and imaging to computational image analysis, and structure determination.

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